The Health Audit

HealthLink Wellness is committed to reduce health risks through regular health monitoring and feedback and to develop partnerships that engage the retiree within the fabric of the community. The ultimate goal is to build a culture of prevention where home, community and medical office work together as a team. A health risk statistical model was developed in partnership with Alliance for Retired Americans and originally funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Healthy Aging Program, Grant No. H75DP002301-01

HealthLink Wellness

Integral to the HealthLink approach is regular medical screening and feedback. The specific measures screened are: fasting blood glucose, blood pressure, high-density lipoproteins (HDL), total cholesterol (TC), smoking habits and body mass index (BMI). At each screening feedback is provided to retirees about their results and the recommended screening values they should try to achieve.

Patient Centered

HealthLink is currently enrolling primary physicians to participate in our wellness approach in what is called the "Patient Centered Medical Home" as endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians. The HealthLink team and the Doctor's office work together as a team in helping our members achieve their wellness goals. Physicians can learn more about HealthLink's evidence based assessment tools by logging onto our Physician Center. Contact us for complimentary access.


The Financial Audit

Auditmetrics has been a longtime developer of the financial statistical audit for a wide range of organizations. It is the uniting of the fields of Statistics and Accounting. We analyze both healthcare and other public and private entities in terms of determining  financial performance.  Auditmetrics has established the statistical audit procedures for sales and use tax for the Massachusetts Dept. Revenue - Audit Division

Auditmetrics' statistical audit methodology conforms to accepted accounting standards as published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

 According to its Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 39, the essential features of statistical sampling are:

Just because one of these requirements is met does not mean that the application is statistical.

 Massachusetts Department of Revenue’s Audit Bureau's Statistical procedures specifically conform to SAS No. 39. Also Mass. state law mandates conformity with IRS statistical guidelines

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Email: info@auditmetrics.com

MS Partner



Auditmetrics AI - AI assisted statistical audit and data mining software designed specifically for small business:

             Available at Microsoft Store

 New Tax Alert The Wayfair Supreme Court ruling has unleashed a state revenue grab on small business internet sales. WSJ - 8/13/2019

INTERNET SALES ARE A GREAT WAY FOR SMALL BUSINESS TO GROW BUT: The old law upended was that internet sales were exempt if you did not have physical presence in a particular state. There are 47 states that can now audit in any state. There are around 300 local tax authorities.

Modern innovation in audit takes much
more continuous analytics and AI route.

AI guided software and book (pdf) for small business to compete and protect its interests in states where revenue departments use randomized methods in conducting sales and use tax audits. Software is also valuable in managing profit/loss and conducting market analysis.

Auditmetrics AI was originally developed for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Audit Division to modernize its sales and use tax audits in terms of introducing statistical audit techniques while conforming with AICPA, IRS and Multistate Tax Commission standards.

There is a textbook available as PDF with free small business learnng version software. CHECK WITH US FOR DETAILS


End Prying Eyes

 Auditmetrics AES - NEW RELEASE - We developed for our clients a secure way to share audit reports and random sample data. The encryption system used is The Advanced Encryption System (AES) originally developed by the CIA now established as a standard by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Free standing program, nothing to install therefore no one lurking around in your private space. Also no passwords to forget that also populate  cyberspace. With Auditmetrics AI no need to risk the cloud that is a hackers haven.

Accomplished by Tailor-Made Software

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Case Study: We need to share data between Boston and Atlanta. Auditimetrics AES also compresses data so the vast majority of our reports and spread sheets are shared by ordinary e-mail. Some data we share involves millions of records Therefore,  our AES system has two advantages: data very secure and compression dramatically cutting down on storage costs. For example a file with 10 million records  was reduced by 75%.

In our book about Auditmetrics AI statistical analytics there is also  covered additional statistical methods to manage large data sets.